Reinventing legal education.
Larry Kramer
Dean, Stanford Law School

Larry Kramer, Dean of Stanford Law School, has always been a student of history. In 2007, he prophetically wrote that “the state of the legal profession brings to mind Rome, circa A.D. 300. On the surface, it looks grander and more magnificent than ever, but the foundation may be about to collapse.”

But to assess Dean Kramer’s view of the legal profession as bleak would be a mistake. In fact, he’s dedicating his life to making it brighter, and the effort is paying off.

As Dean, Larry’s vision has led to transformational changes at Stanford Law School. He’s perhaps best known for promoting a clinical approach to legal education that expands upon classroom learning and provides students invaluable experience solving real problems for real clients. 

But he has also aggressively expanded joint-degree programs to promote a multidisciplinary approach to law, and invested in building up the international law program to prepare students for the globalization of legal practice. And his campaign to inspire “reflective lawyering” is creating a generation of young lawyers with a committed public service ethic.

“We have an important role to play... we bring scholarly resources to bear to ensure we’re graduating lawyer citizens with the tools and maturity to solve big problems in the world.” •