Putting the law firm in a wind tunnel.
Mark Harris
Founder, Axiom

Mark Harris, Axiom CEO, has never been one for excess baggage—a characteristic that has defined him and the company he created over 10 years ago. The lightbulb switched on while Mark was practicing law as a junior associate at Davis, Polk and Wardwell, where in one month his billings equaled his annual salary. This was his first introduction to the economic realities of the legal profession: Mark, meet Partnership Pyramid. Partnership Pyramid, meet Mark.

By eliminating most of the opulent overhead of a traditional firm and by flattening the pyramid economics, Axiom stripped two thirds of the cost-structure from the delivery of sophisticated legal services, enabling rates that look too good to be true, but aren’t.

Many corporations are turning to new industry models like Axiom, believing traditional firms are neither structurally nor emotionally capable of answering the call for radical change. Today, nearly half of the Fortune 100 is working with Axiom, a number that continues to grow each year.

And this model is proving to have appeal for more than just clients. Just as corporations are looking to cut costs, lawyers are looking for alternatives to the partner track. With Axiom, they have the opportunity to continue practicing at a high-level for the same caliber of industry-leading client...but on their own terms. 

While Axiom may be the market leader for “new and different” in the legal profession, Mark believes it’s just the beginning. “I think we’re a disruptive force for good, and that’s what we want to be. But we’re still a long way from seeing the fundamental change we’re hoping to be a part of in this enormous industry. In our first decade, we faced our share of indifference and incredulity, but now you can feel something different happening in the legal world. We believe this is our moment.”